Christmas Roast Chicken recipe How to make xmas thanksgiving roasted Turkey food cook whole Dinner

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Christmas Roast Chicken recipe How to make xmas thanksgiving roasted Turkey food cook whole Dinner picture

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25 Responses to Christmas Roast Chicken recipe How to make xmas thanksgiving roasted Turkey food cook whole Dinner

  1. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Thanks for your comms and the sub!

  2. PepeLePew125 says:

    That’s how I like it too…lots of oils all over her breasts and thighs :)

  3. PepeLePew125 says:

    I like the way you stuffed that chicken’s cavity with your hands….I used to do that with my mate but I used ice cubes instead of onions and herbs–and there was a lot of juices . Give it a go mate 😉

  4. TheCelestialTeacup says:

    @aus2045 Vicky Pollard IS on drugs.

  5. sordi2006 says:

    @aus2045 How can you say his cooking sucks?…obviously have no clue…and he sounds nothing like Vicky, SHU UP

  6. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I cut the lemon in to quarters but not all the way through. For the purpose of stuffing the chicken it does not matter, just cut the lemon and place inside the chicken.

  7. heroskey1 says:

    How u cut the lemon

  8. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Thats a good idea. olé.

  9. youcandance12345 says:

    @OriginalNakedChef i’ll just make sure not to wave a red cape in front of this chicken 😀

  10. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Like a toro(Bull) at the bull fight :)

  11. youcandance12345 says:

    it looks a little scary with the legs untied and jutting out like horns.

  12. aus2045 says:

    Why when I type in Jamie Oliver roast chicken, I get you? Fuk me, are you Jamie Oliver? Youre cocking sucks and you sound like Vicky Pollard on drugs.

  13. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I’m not Jamie Oliver

  14. weightlosswitch says:

    Oh my goodnees I had no idea you had your own youtube channel!!!!
    My teacher showed us your whole series of food revolution in schoool and i have been following you ever sice. I am from Nova Scotia Canada and think what your doing is amazing you have helped me start my weight loss journey and i am forever greatful to you Jamie Oliver
    Love Megn Dawn

  15. edgemex123 says:

    Must we use Wine, I don’t like anything alcohol based :S

  16. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Glad you like the name :)
    Thanks for watching and appreciate you dropping in.

  17. mshotelier says:

    nice name chef ;p by the way, thanks for sharing your recipe ^_^

  18. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I hope it goes well for you on Monday and taste good!
    Thanks for the comms :)
    Original Naked Chef

  19. imahmud says:

    i like cooking… and i am gonna try cook this on Monday :-)

  20. OriginalNakedChef says:

    You are quite right. You can either use the plain juice as a juice to pour over the meat, or use it as a basis of a really tatsy gravy!

    I will at some stage be making a chicken gravy from the juices of this chicken recipe as it’s prven to be popular.

    Thanks for your ideas and the tip!
    OriginalNakedChef :)

  21. raficsulejmanovic says:

    You could use the juice to make a nice gravy.

  22. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I Personally would not use sherry.
    I normally use white wine or white wine vinegar.

  23. tonysmile1 says:

    Can I use cooking sherry instead of white wine?

  24. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I am sure your cookings great.
    I like a bit of garlic, especially at the end with the chicken or lamb :)

  25. italiancherrywine says:

    Great Video.
    I never use Garlic with Chicken or anything else except Garlic bread. (Maybe I just don’t like it) but I have had no complaints about my cooking yet.

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