Turkey Noodle Casserole Recipe – Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Special

Learn how to make a Turkey Noodle Casserole Recipe! – Visit foodwishes.blogspot.com for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Special!

Turkey Noodle Casserole Recipe   Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Special picture

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25 Responses to Turkey Noodle Casserole Recipe – Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Special

  1. hotuckfai says:

    wow, nice! instead of adding cracker toppings, i can add mashed potatoes + some butter on top before putting into oven, a la shep pie method :)

  2. Snipabay says:

    …but you’re not a rapper.

  3. zouldagreat says:

    Garam Masala meaning Masala Salt :)

  4. zhyriemusic says:

    I don’t need appetizers anymore chef John… thanks to your vids! ;D

  5. MrPwnedo says:

    @rainepanda LOL :]

  6. babygurl25392 says:

    garam masala yummmmmmm

  7. michellekaramell96 says:

    I like big bowls and I can not lie

  8. lilacfunk says:

    This looks DELICIOUS. But I’m Indian and I would NEVER use “gaRam” masala in this. Still going to make this for left overs though.

  9. LastOfAllFunerals says:

    I want some now

  10. searstower75 says:

    omg that looks amazingggg!!!!!!!!!!!11

  11. OceaneR123 says:

    @DickLodge68 are you completely retarded? Chef John is the BEST

  12. PickleGirl26 says:

    dicklodge made 20 accounts to dislike

  13. elbay2 says:

    This looks REALLY good! Up here in Canada we’ve already had our Thanksgiving (early Oct.), but wait ’til Xmas!

  14. lilbunnyjin says:

    u know ive been wondering r u like a gourment cheif or something? cause i remember seeing you in a cheif suit thing

  15. MasterEBeats says:

    @DickLodge68 shit man.. u must have a sad life

  16. Duygubella says:

    yummmmmyyy :)

  17. Minlicious says:

    @DickLodge68 You obviously don’t know the number one rule in life: Never assume random people are intelligent.

  18. mikebee02 says:

    My family loves a good turkey tetrazini after Thanksgiving. Kind of similar to this (not really) and a great option if your kinfolk like Italian.

  19. JessicalsTan says:

    ….Where’s the cayenne?

  20. sadeyes2579 says:

    holy crap that looks soooo good :)

  21. Mwalissa says:

    almost like a bechamel sauce…wihout the cream of mushroom of course

  22. highron2 says:


  23. lameristotel says:

    He likes big Balls! Didnt expect that.

  24. rachelxgirl27 says:

    i like big bowls and i cannot lie :DDDDD

  25. brissy1234 says:

    @DickLodge68 theres a red crayon?????
    mind = blown

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